How to prepare for the Deloitte Aptitude Test

Deloitte Online Aptitude Tests

As with all the Big 4 firms, it is difficult to get a job in Deloitte and as a result, there is quite a demanding recruitment process, with various stages. The organisation receives over 500,000 applications each year for experienced roles, but will only hire 4% of applicants. One of the stages in the recruitment process is the online aptitude tests, which can consist of a game-based assessment, numerical reasoning tests, situational judgment test and verbal reasoning. The Deloitte online aptitude tests will be online, and usually within two weeks of the application and just before the other in person interviews.

Test Process

The Deloitte online aptitude tests are designed by Talent Lens and Kenexa, who are global HR consultancies. The test results are used as part of the overall recruitment testing process. You can potentially pass the aptitude tests and not receive a job offer, as Deloitte look at the full performance throughout the various stages. Your ability will be graded from 1 to 5, but you could obtain a 5 in the aptitude test and 1 for other stages. It is, therefore, important to perform at the optimum level at each stage of the process.

Game Based Assessment

After submitting your application to Deloitte, you usually receive a response back within three days. If your application is successful, you could be invited to complete the game-based assessment. The game-based assessment is a Deloitte online psychometric test called Cosmic Cadet and it is designed to help the recruiter gain an understanding of your personality traits, using different scenarios. They will be looking to understand your perception of risk and if you are an innovative individual. Although this is more about your personality than anything else, it is worth looking at game-based assessments online to practice, so that you are familiar with the format of it.

Numerical Reasoning Test

The Deloitte online numerical reasoning test is the next part of the process and will include passages of data, including charts and tables. You can take this online test from home. You will need to look at the information and answer questions related to it. The numerical reasoning test typically consists of three questions for each scenario and usually 21 questions in total. The main point to bear in mind is that you need to be able to work under pressure, while answering the questions as quickly and accurately as possible. There are 30 minutes to answer the questions within this test. It is important to practice numerical reasoning tests and be able to read and interpret data quickly and accurately. The skills you need for this test are analytical and time management. In most cases, you will need to achieve a score in the top 50% of applicants to be successful in the Deloitte online numerical reasoning test. These online tests are challenging, and it is important to practice and prepare for these before you start. You can find free examples of the test at

Situational Judgment Test

One of the other online tests is the Deloitte online situational judgement test or commonly known as SJT. This has been designed to ensure that you can use common sense in different situations that you would be likely to experience if you are recruited into the organisation. As this is not a test of knowledge but more of experience, you might find it harder to prepare for these types of questions. The test is about prioritising the most relevant answer, rather than looking for the obvious “correct” answer. The format of this online test is multiple choice. You can find some free sample tests at

Verbal Reasoning Test

Another part of the process is the verbal reasoning test, which can also be taken at home. This test is designed to enable the recruiters to understand whether you are a suitable candidate for the role. The online test is part of the recruitment process, as it can be difficult to gain an understanding of the suitability of the applicant from the interview alone. The Deloitte online verbal reasoning test involves analysing and extracting information from a piece of text. You will be asked if statements regarding the text are true, false or unknown, based on the text you have read. You can practice verbal reasoning tests online in preparation for the online tests. It is worth bearing in mind that you only have around 45 seconds to answer each question; focus on accuracy and speed with your answers. In some cases, you may be asked to undertake another verbal test further down the line, either at the interview or assessment centre. The recruiters take this approach to verify that you were the person undertaking the original test. Practicing for the online tests is vital, as even if you ask someone to help you, you may need to undertake a similar test again anyway.

What Are Recruiters Looking For?

There are a range of competencies which are important to Deloitte, and it is worth keeping these in mind throughout the whole recruitment process, including the online tests and interview. These are the skills and behaviours that employees from Deloitte should possess and these are important as part of the overall process.

Communication – No matter what part of the business you are applying to join, good communication skills will be essential. Deloitte recruiters will be looking to ensure that you can communicate clearly, concisely and expressive, and that you can form relationships with your customers and colleagues. Think about this during the online tests and ensure you are communicating in a way that the recruiters can clearly understand.

Motivation – Recruiters are not just expecting that you are there to fill a role, they want to be assured that you have career motivation and want to be with Deloitte for the duration. They will expect that you can demonstrate knowledge of the organisation and about the services they offer. You should be able to express that you are highly driven and motivated to succeed as well as why you have chosen to apply to Deloitte.

Achievement of Goals – It is important that you are someone with aspirations, and this includes setting goals and achieving these. Try and make this apparent throughout the recruitment process, including the online tests, wherever applicable.

Adaptable – Deloitte are looking for someone who is adaptable to changes and can keep positive despite this. Recruiters will be looking out for signs that you can adapt to different situations.

Planning and organising – One of the key competencies for Deloitte is strong planning and organisation skills. You should be able to complete tasks while maintaining detail and should be able to prioritise.

Commercial Awareness – Deloitte expects candidates to show an interest in the business and awareness of issues affecting it. This is something to bear in mind throughout the recruitment process.

Problem Solving – The ability to problem solve and generate ideas is important at Deloitte, and these are behaviours they will be looking out for during the recruitment process, including Deloitte online aptitude tests.

Preparing for Deloitte Online Aptitude Tests

It is important to prepare for the tests as many candidates are filtered out based on the performance on the tests alone. This is especially true for the popular entry positions. You will be expected to be able to extract data, make basic calculations and work with a range of different formats, including fractions and percentages. If you haven’t practiced calculations for a while, it is important to do so before you commence the test. You are also expected to be able to work under pressure, while still being able to get accurate results and practicing working in this kind of environment will really help your chances of success. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the format of the test, as much as you can as this will save you from getting any unexpected surprises at test time. With the verbal reasoning test, you may want to practice using online tests or by reading news articles and summarising the main points. Deloitte recruiters want to be sure that you can interpret and analyse information accurately, while doing so in a timely manner. The only way to really ensure you can achieve this is by practicing and timing yourself.

You can’t stop and start the online test; you need to do it in one sitting. As such, it is important to get a good sleep before you undertake it and make sure you are in a quiet, comfortable environment, with no distractions. If you are distracted and you make mistakes, you won’t be able to start again. If you get stuck on a question, move along to the next as you could waste precious time if you spend too long thinking about the answer.

Next Stages?

If you are successful in passing the online tests, you may be invited to an interview or to an assessment centre, depending on the role. Deloitte recruiters are highly organised with the recruitment process, so you can expect to hear back at every stage quickly; usually within a few days. Deloitte will also give you feedback for each stage, so even if you don’t make it through the various stages, you’ll have a good understanding of where you went wrong and will be able to rectify it for the next time.