How to prepare for the EY Aptitude Test

EY Online Aptitude Tests

EY (Ernst & Young) is a professional services company and a ‘Big 4’ organisation. The company employs over 230 000 people across the globe and as a leading company in their field , there is a lot of competition from applicants who want to join the company. The recruitment process is challenging and there are various steps that need to be completed. Only around 1 in every 50 applicants will be successful during the EY recruitment process.

The recruitment process at EY consists of an initial online application, followed by the EY online aptitude tests. If successful, candidates then process to the telephone interview and an assessment centre. These are some of the online tests you can expect, although this will depend on the role you are applying for.

Test Process

After you have completed your details, you will receive a link via email which takes you to the EY Strengths Portal. This is where the candidates complete the EY online tests. There are four tests in total for most roles, and the results of these are used to determine your suitability for the role. The four assessments can be completed at different times, but it is recommended by EY that you complete them in one day. You will only receive feedback when all four are completed, so it is worth getting them all completed as soon as possible.

The situational judgment and business behaviours tests have been developed to give you an insight into the organisation, while also showing the recruiters how you would deal with specific real life situations at work. Time and accuracy are the qualities the recruiters are looking for in the EY online aptitude tests. However, they also want to ensure that your answers are genuine too. Take your time with the questions but remember that your score will be affected if you have an extremely long response rate and you fail to answer some questions.

Situational Strengths Test

The EY online tests start with the situational judgement test. This test is designed to enable the recruiters to understand how candidates would react to situations which are common in the workplace. The situational strength test normally consists of 16 txt or video questions which contain specific workplace situations and you must decide how to deal with the problem at hand. The answers are rated 1-5 and based on how likely you are to take the approach specified. This gives recruiters an understanding of how you deal with issues in the workplace, and as a result, they can identify whether you are a good fit for the role. There is typically a right and wrong answer to these questions and test takers usually benefit from getting acquainted with these questions. This especially applies to graduates who lack work experience and thus will likely struggle more with these types of questions. There are different approaches and the recruiter is looking specifically to understand if your approach would suit the job.

EY Online Numerical Reasoning Test

The EY online numerical reasoning test is provided by CAPP, who are a company specialising in psychometric testing. The numerical reasoning tests are used to assess candidates and determine their suitability for the role. As it can be difficult to understand true capabilities during an interview alone, the online numerical tests are a way to gain a better understanding of the candidate’s suitability. The EY online numerical reasoning test typically contains 12 or more questions, which you need to complete within a specific timeframe. The test can be undertaken online at home and you will be expected to achieve a minimum score, before being able to move on to the next stage of the recruitment process. The recruiters at EY may ask you to sit another numerical reasoning test in person further down the line, as they may wish to verify that you were the person sitting it. In the numerical reasoning test, you will need to be able to interpret information from various sources, including tables and charts. You need to be able to perform basic maths calculations, but you have less than a minute to answer the questions, so accuracy and speed are paramount. It is important to practice numerical reasoning tests before attempting this, as these can be extremely challenging and even more so, if you don’t know what to expect. You may have the knowledge, but your ability to complete the questions within the given timeframe, can be a little more challenging.

EY Verbal Reasoning Test

The EY online verbal reasoning test may be another part of the recruitment process, depending on the role you are applying for. With the verbal reasoning test, you will need to analyse a text and interpret it. The test is used to identify and ensure you have strong reading comprehension skills, both written and verbal. Two types of questions are used in the verbal reasoning test. One of these is to look at a highlighted word and determine the option which is the closest to it contextually. The second type of question involves looking at a statement and deciding whether it is true, false or impossible to say, based on the text you have read. It is possible to practice the verbal reasoning test by looking at other online examples. The more you practice, the better prepared you will be when you start the test.

EY Business Behaviours Test

The business behaviours test is another EY online aptitude test and it is similar to the situational judgment test. The only difference is that you don’t have videos, but you will be asked to rank the options to determine how you would behave in different situations. Again, the business behaviours test doesn’t involve any specific studying or preparation. It is about how you would deal with different situations in the workplace, and this will signify whether you are right for the role or not.

EY Personality Test (or What’s Your Mindset Questionnaire)

The final online assessment is the EY online what’s your mindset questionnaire. In this online test, you are required to have different descriptions, and you will need to rank them by those which are most like you and those that are least like you. It is important that you’re not tempted to choose the answers that you think the recruiters are looking for, as they are primarily looking out for inconsistencies in your responses. If there are inconsistencies, you will be penalised, and it will affect your overall ranking. With this online test, you can’t practice as it’s more about your behaviours and personality, but you need to maintain composure and work in a quiet environment, as otherwise you may not read the answers correctly.

What are Recruiters Looking For?

The recruiters are primarily looking to understand whether you share the same values as the company. In the case of EY, there are certain values the recruiters are looking for in candidates who apply. These are: Energy and Enthusiasm – it is important that you show a willingness to learn and develop within EY. The values they are interested in include energy and enthusiasm. These are important qualities for anyone who is recruited into the organisation.

Build Relationships – Recruiters will be looking out for candidates who can build strong relationships, by doing the right thing. If you can show that you build relationships quickly, but with honesty and integrity, this will be attractive to recruiters.

Courage to Lead – With a big organisation like EY, they need people who are confident in their own abilities and are not afraid to lead. They are not looking for people who will shy away or just follow others. If you can show that you are a leader and not a follower, you will be recognised by the recruiters.

It is important to keep these values in mind throughout the entire recruitment process, from the initial application to the interview and assessment stages. If you can show that you share the values of the company, together with achieving great results, the recruiters will look favourably on you, and you’ll have a better chance of achieving success. EY look more favourably on the type of person you are, and what you can potentially achieve in the future, rather than just specifically on your current experience.

Tips for Passing the Online Tests

It is important to practice as many of the online tests you can, including the numerical reasoning and EY online verbal reasoning tests. When you are ready to take the tests, make sure you don’t have any distractions. Time is of the essence with these tests; the recruiters are not just looking at your knowledge, but also your ability to work under pressure and within the timescales. A combination of answering the questions correctly within the timeframe are key to success in the online tests. Take your time and think about the question. If you get stuck, move onto the next and don’t waste time trying to figure out the answer, as this will result in wasted time. You can return to questions you have missed, later in the test. With the other tests, such as the situational strength, focus on what you would do in the situation and how your answer rhymes with the company values. Remember, the role must be the right fit for you too, so it is important that you answer truthfully.