Prepare for the aptitude tests at the Big 4 firms

1000 questions with full explanations that help you pass the aptitude test at KPMG, Deloitte, EY or PWC.

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Prepare for the aptitude tests at the Big 4 firms

How can we help you prepare?

We know that you probably have very little time to prepare for the tests. This is why we focus on quickly identifying each of your weaknesses and providing educational explanations to help you turn them into strengths.

Identify weaknesses


Identify weaknesses

Our powerful analysis tool helps you to quickly find your weakest categories and focus your training. That way you make sure to make the quickest gains possible in the shortest amount of time.



Learn the best methodology with our educational explanations and complement your training with our theoretical lessons. We have over 1000 realistic questions that will prepare you for the real test at the BIG four firms. Our abstract reasoning questions also contain 60 video step by step explanations.




Track your improvment across each category and compare your performance with other users. You can also analyse on which questions you lose most time and learn how to find the most time efficiant solutions.

Train anywhere

Access all out tests and lessons from your phone, tablet or PC, whether you are at home or on the go.

No downloads

Train via your internet browser, no downloads required.


Train on your PC, smartphone or tablet. Our service is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows.

Train anywhere

Video Lessons

Complement the test taking with our educational theoretical videos lessons. Learn the most effective mathodology and techniques and watch our experts share their valuable tips.

Video explanations

Over 60 educational abstract reasoning video explanations that are included in eachof our test packages. Watch some of them in our demo.



Contact us via live chat, e-mail or Facebook. All questions are answered the same day.

Continuous Improvements

We are constantly improving our service to bring you the most realistic and educational Big 4 aptitude test preparation product on the market.

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10 Abstract Reasoning

10 Numerical Reasoning

10 Verbal Reasoning

10 Situational Judgment

10 Accuracy & Precision

10 Prioritizing & Organizing




250 Abstract Reasoning

200 Numerical Reasoning

200 Verbal Reasoning

54 Situational Judgment

200 Accuracy & Precision

200 Prioritizing & Organizing

$39 - 1 Month

$79 - 6 Months



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No credit card details are ever stored on our servers. We use which is one of the most secure and reputable payment processors in the world. Your data is never shared with us. In other words, your credit card details are safe.

Will you automatically renew my duration after expiry?

No. We never make any automatic renewals nor do we store your payment details. If you wish to renew your duration you can do so by signing into your account and chose the desired duration.